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Ok, I’m sorry I don’t have the pictures yet. I have been very busy.

Overall my holiday was pretty cool. We had a lot of family and friends over, we have A LOT of food, drinks and music. We eat like there was no tomorrow and then dance the night away.

Friday was clean up day, I wonder where were all of the guest from the party? No one showed up that day. LOL.

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One day early ’cause I know I won’t have any time tomorrow…


Check after the holiday to find out how I spent the day… Come on! I’ll have pictures!

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Okay, okay. I took me a damn long time to come and tell you about that “Flushed away” movie. But you have to understand, I was on vacation!

The movie: Good stuff, can’t deny it. My oldest daugther loved it. I laugh every now and then, found it entertaining. It’s not “Shrek” but it’s good.

Now the vacation, I didn’t go away or anything. I spent the whole week with my family, my husband was on vacation too. Monday and Tuesday we spend the day doing home improvements, we painted the living room, hall and kitchen, clean (it shouldn’t be such a bit deal but it is), change the window shade’s, etc. It was definitely not wasted time, it was much needed work. We also managed to visit some family, and just hang out.

My favorite part of the week was on Thursday, we visited the Bronx Zoo. We loved it! Even Keila enjoyed it. We saw the polar bear, the lion, the leopard, giraffes, monkeys, and a whole bunch more of animals that I really don’t know what the hell they were… It was a lot of walking but really fun. The best part was when we saw the reptiles, Karen was all excited and walking ahead of us when she came face to face with a fake crocodile (really big kind of metal thingy, really ugly) that girl got so scared, she put her hands on the air started screaming and ran right out the door, even the security guard was laughing.

Another favorite part was Friday, when FedEx delivered our new toy. A new Dell computer, a Dimension E520 with a 24″ Wide screen monitor. Wohoo!! I really like this computer, however nothing can top the love between my baby and me. Mainly because I am the one that understands it the most, I am the one that is more interested in it. We are a long time Windows-user family. Now, all I need for my technology oriented happiness is to be fulfilled is my wireless router to be able to use my baby wherever I want.

Anyways, our time off was very useful. We have time to enjoy it as a family and improve our living environment.

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Going to the movies

Well, right now I am off to see “Flushed Away” the animated movie. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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So, the company I work for has moved. You all know that by now. The new place is bigger and better, we got nicer desk, new chairs, everything is cool. With the moved everything changed including my commute. Before I used to take the #4 train all the way to 14st and then transfer to the #6 train one stop to Astor place, and I was there. Now I have to take the #4 train to 149st. then the #2 train to 14st. and then the #1 train to Houston st. to finally get there.

You might be thinking “stop your whining, you got a better space and just one extra train”. If that’s the case then you probably have NEVER been on the #2 train in rush hour. Dude, it is horrible, I mean when I take the train in the morning at the 149st. station I have to be literally on the edge on the platform to have a change at getting in. If I do get in then good luck finding a seat, it will never happen. You have to stand the whole way with people all over you. I mean, the are ALL over you! I always complained of the people who ride the #4 train but the idiots on the #2 are the worst. They are inconsiderate, selfish, rude and in many occasions smelly.

My ride home from work gets even worst. I don’t take 3 trains to go back, I have to take 4!!

Yup, because after I have waited 10 minutes for the #1 train so I can get to 14st; once you are there it is impossible to get on a #2 train. Impossible! I am forced to take the #3 train to 96st and then hope that the #2 train coming behind has room, once I get on it I ride it back to 149st and then battle my beloved #4 train which is specially slow and crowded on this particular station.

Well there you have it, if you know anyone who may complain because they have to walk 3 blocks to work or have to ride a bus and a train; just printout or copy this post and give it to that ungrateful motherfucker!!

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My girls on Halloween

The Pumpkin a.k.a Keila

Princess Cinderella a.k.a Karen

Karen & Keila

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Vacaciones… en la casa

Empezando el Lunes 6 de Noviembre estoy de vacaciones por una semana. Desafortunadamente, no voy pa’ palte. LOL. I had plans of just getting around the city, doing the things I always wanted to do and never had time for. I wanted to take the girls to the children’s museum and to the zoo. My husband on the other hand, heard of my plans and made some of his own… He wants to paint our apartment… fun!!!

Anyways, I am hoping that maybe we can get around to do both, I want to take the girls to the museum on Tuesday, maybe we could paint in the morning and go to the museum in the afternoon. Let see how it works out. I also wanted to take my husband to eat at my favorites places downtown. Let’s see how that one goes too.

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