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My very best friend…

P.S. This is called photo-therapy… I am trying to heal myself.

P.S. 2. Ok that’s bullshit, but whatever!

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Desde mi ventana


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The Little Things…


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Disculpen mi ausencia y la falta de respuesta a sus comentarios. Yo crei ser una madre experimentada ya teniendo dos niñas, pero nada se compara a tener dos recien nacidas al mismo tiempo! It is insane! They are driving me bananas! On top of the twins I have Keila and Karen after she gets home from school. My husband tries to help as much as possible but I understand that he needs his rest to be able to work (he is our only source of income at the moment). Pero a pesar de las malas noches, los gritos, los biberones y pañales sucios; estoy enamorada… completamente enamorada. They are just so damn cute you wanna bite their tiny cheeks!

I have my moments. There are times when I just freeze and think to myself ” I am 26 years old and the mother of 4 girls! These girls depend on me! At the moment, I am their only way for survival… Their lives are in my hands. That is not something easy to realize.

P.S. There are other things that have been on my mind as well but I am trying to move on and focus on what’s important. True, I cannot care for others if I don’t care for myself first but I am getting there. It’s just that my history with certain things does not help. I am an extremely strong individual but when I fall, I fall hard. Let’s pray to God that these little girls give me the strength and clarity that I need at this time and thank you all for your good wishes.

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